Israelis invented a creative filter drain for kitchen and bath

This disposable filter for the drain of the kitchen and the bathroom offers striking designs and a “finger-lift” for easy removal. The Israelis created a slightly more fun way of doing a monotonous task.

The filter cleaning of drainage in the kitchen or bathroom is usually one of those disgusting tasks that nobody likes to do. For this reason, after a month of kitchen faucets reviews, a group of Israeli businessmen found a more fun and practical way to transform this task into something much more tolerable.

The company “Sink Skin” product is disposable after one or two weeks of use and comes in a variety of bright and elegant designs. The product can be printed so that companies or hotels can add your logo and use it as an element of promotion.

Made in Israel, it is available in North America, Finland and Israel, of course. In addition, it was one of the 24 different product lines that were sold at the opening of the emerging israeli design in Hong Kong store on 22 October.

The co-founder of the producer, Nir Eylon, told the ISRAEL21c that portal since felt is thinner and wider than most of the normal screen, more easily captures all the food particles and hair, so that they can not penetrate into the drain. In addition, it has a function of “lift finger” for easy removal.

The filter is recyclable and its container package is made of recycled materials to save on raw materials.

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