Israel: a pregnant woman in serious condition after being stabbed in West Bank

The stab wound pregnant woman is taken to hospital

A pregnant Israeli woman was seriously injured after being stabbed by a Palestinian in the Jewish settlement of Tekoa, south of the occupied territory of the West Bank , the Israeli military said. The victim, in his thirties, suffered “serious injury” by stabbing in the upper part of his body, sources of medical service ultrasound nyc, who said he had been moved to Shaarey Tzedek hospital where she is being treated and is in moderate situation.


Israel, 30, was seriously injured, but his life is not in danger , according to the Israeli army and medics said. “The attacker entered the community, stabbed and wounded women. The terrorist suffered gunshots from security personnel the place, “the military said in a statement that the state does not require the attacker.


The Palestinian is seriously wounded and is being transferred to an Israeli hospital, Israeli medical sources, while the Palestinian Ministry of Health announced his death .
According to initial reports, the attack occurred at a clothing store in the industrial area of Tekoa .
After the incident, local forces carried out in different places of the area looking for possible accomplices of the aggressor.
The attack came hours after an Israeli woman, Dafna Meir, who lives in the settlement of Othniel (south of Hebron), 38, was killed in her house to death by a supposedly Palestinian attacker, who is being sought by forces Israeli security.

The Israeli domestic intelligence service, Shin Bet, arrested last night about three dozen Palestinians suspected of involvement in terrorist activities and violent disturbances .Hundreds of people joined Monday’s corpse Meir from Othniel to the cemetery in Givat Shaul, the outskirts of Jerusalem .

Israel and Palestine living since early October a wave of violence that has killed 161 Palestinians shot dead as they tried to carry out attacks or perceived attacks (the most stabbings or intentional violations) or in clashes with Israeli security forces. And it has claimed the lives of 27 Israelis, two foreign and one Palestinian victims of Palestinian attacks.

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