Arrested for a fight in Israel with a knife and a chain saw

National police agents have arrested in IsraelĀ to three men aged between 22 and 42, of Spanish and Ecuadorian, origin for an alleged crime of serious threats, moments after having a fight in the building where they live to have very loud music. Those arrested given a 30 cm machete and theĀ best portable table saws.

The incident occurred when agents who perform work of public safety prevention in uniformed service, were alerted by the room 091 so that they lead to a building of the District of Transits in which apparently is taking place a fight between several neighbors with weapons.

Agents immediately came to the place, where localized to a nervous young man on the landing of their apartment, where you could see a machete of large dimensions in the soil of the receiver housing.

The police found out that moments before the young man had an altercation with another downstairs neighbours have very loud music, because I was listening to music and neighbors who wanted to sleep had shouted at him by the deslunado so that it lowers the volume.

Neighbors to see that I was not down music, went to housing, and after clubbing your door and this open it, apparently, you would have been threatened with death while one of them who was carrying a bike saw put it up. The young man would have wielded a machete of 30 centimeters of blade and wooden handle.

After the relevant checks agents detained them for an alleged crime of serious threats and intervened the machete and used chainsaw.

The detainees, one with police, went to court.

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