11 books to understand the conflict between Israel and Palestine

BDS Palestine

BDS Palestine
Luz Gomez et al.

BDS Palestine. The boycott of Israeli occupation and apartheid , a book about the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against the policy of illegal occupation of territories and the apartheid of Palestinians carried out by Israeli state governments. A civic campaign global reach, like the one carried out against apartheid South Africa, aims to end the disastrous policies contrary to the fundamental human rights of successive Israeli governments, with the complicity of the great powers.


Palestine, the thread of memoryPalestine, the thread of memory
Teresa Aranguren

Palestine belongs to the Arabs in the same sense that England belongs to the English or France to the French … What is happening in Palestine today can not be justified by any moral code of any kind. If they have to consider geographical Palestine as their national home, it is incorrect to enter the country under the shadow of the British gun. a religious act can not be performed with the help of bayonets or bombs. they can settle in Palestine only by the goodwill Arab. in the current situation, are the partners of the British in despoiling a people who have done no wrong. I am not defending the Arab excesses. I wish they had chosen the path of non-violence in resisting -with what they consider justice as an unacceptable invasion of their country. But according to the accepted canons of what is right or wrong, you can not say anything against the Arab resistance against overwhelming odds “Mahatma Ghandi.

 The Alchemist 

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The invention of the Jewish people

The invention of the Jewish people
Shlomo Sand

All modern nation-state has a story of its origins, transmitted both by official and by the popular culture; Such national histories, however, few have been as scandalous and controversial as is the well-known national myth israelí.El story of the Jewish diaspora of the first century and the demand for a cultural and racial continuity of the Jewish people to this day today, they resonate beyond the borders of Israel. Despite its misuse to justify the settlement of Jews in Palestine and the project of Greater Israel, there has been very little academic research on the accuracy histórica.En this brave and passionate book, Shlomo Sand shows that the national myth of Israel has its origins in the nineteenth century, not in biblical times in which many Jews and non-Jews rebuilt a village historians imagined in order to shape a future nation. Sand dissects the meticulousness of a forensic official history and reveals the construction of nationalist myth and consequent collective mystification.


Olivo broken: Scenes occupationOlivo broken: Scenes occupation
Teresa Aranguren

The planting a bomb tragedy among a group of children playing football; the erection of a wall leads to destruction of an olive orchard that gave meaning to the lives of an entire family … These are some of the scenes that reflect the daily life of a people forced to live with death. Pride and humiliation, powerlessness and rebellion are mixed to offer a vivid portrait of the human condition.


The Holocaust IndustryThe Holocaust Industry. Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering
Norman Kinkelstein

The Holocaust industry, a vehement, iconoclastic and controversial book, is the complaint of aching voice that lifts the child of survivors against the exploitation of the suffering of Holocaust victims. In this seminal work, the eminent political scientist Norman G. Finkelstein exposes the thesis that the memory of the Holocaust did not begin to acquire the importance it enjoys today until after the Arab-Israeli war of 1967. The war demonstrated the military Israel and the United States got what considered an important ally in the Middle East. This new strategic situation of Israel served the leaders of the American Jewish community to exploit the Holocaust in order to promote their new privileged situation and to immunize Israeli policy against criticism. So, Finkelstein argues that one of the greatest dangers to the memory of the victims of Nazism comes precisely from those who set themselves up as their guardians. Based on a wealth of sources hitherto unstudied, Finkelstein discovered the double extortion to which the Jewish lobby groups have undergone Switzerland and Germany and the Jews Holocaust claimants legitimate complaint and compensation funds have not been used in mostly to help survivors of the Holocaust, but to keep running, “the Holocaust industry”. In this new edition, revised and expanded considerably, the author refutes the criticisms raised the first edition of the work. “I presented the first of 105 lawsuits against Swiss banks to seek compensation for the Holocaust. It is necessary that the truth be told about compensation funds. The major Jewish organizations have defrauded Holocaust survivors, many of whom They are living in poverty. But no one is interested in the documentation related to this scandal. ” Norman Finkelstein broke at last the silence.
I urge everyone to read this book on the true story of our suffering is told ” Gizella Weisshaus.
Finkelstein raises some uncomfortable questions relevant and ” The Jewish Quarterly.
leaving aside the question of style that is far ?? mine ??, the bottom line is most important here, especially since Finkelstein, when this book was published, I was all alone and needed a lot of academic courage to tell the truth when no one else out there supporting you , “Raul Hilberg.


The tribes of IsraelThe tribes of Israel
Ana Carbajosa

There are two ways to deal with a complex reality to understand and describe. One is difficult: examining the issue, measure it, learn its history and deduce its internal dynamics. The other is even more difficult, because is to break into reality, see it up close and battling with it from within. Books abound on Zionism, Israel and its history, about the Palestinian tragedy, over the endless Middle East conflict. Scarce, however, books on Israelis. We return to the beginning, to the difficulty of coming face to face with people and make the effort to understand them, especially when their ideas are not shared. After reading “The tribes of Israel” can not return to take refuge in the usual simplistic, for or against a country whose name evokes conflicts which, for convenience, is treated as a homogeneous block. Things are never simple, and less in the present case. Israel suffers tremendous internal tensions. They are the tensions of its people. No one can predict what the future of Israel. To develop minimally reasonable assumptions it is essential, however, to know how inside. And inside it is fascinating. I only regret that this book has not been published before. It would have been my first reading to settle in Jerusalem. Fragments of the prologue of Enric González.


The identity jailThe identity jail
Eugenio Garcia Gascón

Religious fundamentalism and political blindness have created a complex bomb in the Middle East. García Gascón mixture comments today with historical touches to create a puzzle that helps to understand the keys to the Arab-Israeli conflict.


The invention of the land of IsraelThe invention of the land of Israel
Shlomo Sand

In this new and controversial work, the Israeli historian Shlomo Sand examines the enigmatic sacred land which has become the lot where happens the longest national struggle of modernity dementando ancient legends surrounding the Holy Land and the prejudices that still suffocating.


The Jewish wrongThe Jewish wrong
Alberto Pradilla

The author of this book has combined research, journalistic rigor and personal experience to draw attention to one of the pillars of the Arab-Israeli conflict: the State of Israel itself. Chronic and interviews with some of the protagonists of the conflict bring us closer to the mentality and way of life of a colonial state, as well as with its neighbors, has a serious problem with himself. Left and right;ultra-Orthodoxy and secularism; pro-Palestinian movements and Jewish settlers complete an explosive mix that makes Israel a country that is defined as “Jewish and democratic” but actually is democratic for Jews and, above all, Jewish for the Palestinians.


The Ethnic Cleansing of PalestineThe ethnic cleansing of Palestine
Ilan Pappe

The Israelis called War of Independence of 1948. For the Palestinians is the Nakba (the “catastrophe”), since the result was one of the larger processes and dramatic ethnic cleansing of our time: about one million Palestinians were forced to emigrate at gunpoint, abandoned their land, their property and their homes; there were killings of civilians like Deir Yassin and hundreds of villages were deliberately destroyed. Despite its dramatic dimensions, Israelis have managed to hide this crime against humanity for many years. Ilan Pappe, a professor at the University of Haifa and the most prestigious international scale Israeli historians, forced to publish their works abroad and living in their country between death threats, revealed in this book, in the light of recently declassified documents the truth of a mass expulsion that continues today impossible to peace between Israelis and Palestinians and is the source of all the current problems of the Middle East.

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