MEIA-G was established after an unprecedented mobilization in
response to the Israeli massacres in Gaza of December 2008.
Hundreds of people rallied in the streets of Atlanta in solidarity with the
Palestinian people vowing to organize together to bring justice to their
plight. A movement was born!
Your participation and support is PARAMOUNT for the success of this movement! We can't wait to see you at
the upcoming events and encourage you to join us in our work to End Israeli Apartheid!
In February, we had a launch event, endorsed the 2005 Palestinian call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions
of Israel and discussed ways to move forward centering our work on this call out.

This is only the beginning! As Israel entrenches its system of Apartheid against the Palestinian people, we
must work hard to expose and sever Atlanta's links to Israel. We use grassroots organizing strategies to mirror
the South African anti-Apartheid movement in working to end this injustice and support the Palestinians in their
struggle for liberation.
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Lastest News

Arrested for a fight in Israel with a knife and a chain saw

National police agents have arrested in Israel to three men aged between 22 and 42, of Spanish and Ecuadorian, origin for an alleged crime of serious threats, moments after having a fight in the building where they live to have very loud music. Those arrested given a 30 cm machete and the best portable table saws.

The incident occurred when agents who perform work of public safety prevention in uniformed service, were alerted by the room 091 so that they lead to a building of the District of Transits in which apparently is taking place a fight between several neighbors with weapons.

Agents immediately came to the place, where localized to a nervous young man on the landing of their apartment, where you could see a machete of large dimensions in the soil of the receiver housing.

The police found out that moments before the young man had an altercation with another downstairs neighbours have very loud music, because I was listening to music and neighbors who wanted to sleep had shouted at him by the deslunado so that it lowers the volume.

Neighbors to see that I was not down music, went to housing, and after clubbing your door and this open it, apparently, you would have been threatened with death while one of them who was carrying a bike saw put it up. The young man would have wielded a machete of 30 centimeters of blade and wooden handle.

After the relevant checks agents detained them for an alleged crime of serious threats and intervened the machete and used chainsaw.

The detainees, one with police, went to court.

The cost of health in Israel is one of the lowest

Health care in Israel costs less than in most of the Western world. The cost of health especially brain supplement genius x funciona in Israel is one of the lowest according to a given statistic unveiled yesterday by the Central Office of Estadisticas.

Public expenditure on health per capita in Israel in terms of parity of purchasing power parity (ppp) is just only $1.814 – 66% below the United States, 47% lower than in Switzerland, and 41% lower than Norway. The Jewish State also beats Japan, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Ireland, Italy, Finland and Austria.

United States, on the other hand, is in health care in what uses more resources: $5.267 per capita. Canada, which boasts a socialized system of health care such as Israel, has a ppp of $2.931.

According to a report in Globes, total expenditure on health in Israel amounted last year to 8.8 per cent of GDP, or 46 billion shekels. This calculation includes total spending on services by clinics, hospitals, private health; costs of medication, and the purchase of medical devices.

On the other hand, the figures include R & D (research and development), which Israel uses way more provided than any country in the world. According to the 2004 World Competitiveness Yearbook IMD, the ratio of Israel between the expenditure of R & D and its GDP is unmatched.

Some in the Government were impressed with the figures. The Minister of Salud Danny Naveh said that “each year pay more and receive less medical coverage” referring to “health basket” of goods and services covered by the socialized medical program in the nation.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict in eight films

We review a conflict more than 50 years old in the best of cases (centuries at worst) through a handful of films. These movies below are all available on project free tv, just visit the site and watch movies for free online!


Deadpool (2016)

Watch dead pool for free on Movietube.

The life of Émile Zola (1937), directed by William Dieterle

Every conflict has a beginning, and while this principle is sometimes somewhat blurred by the passage of time and the confluence of factors, there is always a moment, an act that can be designated as the genesis of the issue. In the case that concerns us, it seems clear that the principle is in the birth of the State of Israel (1948), although several stages were necessary to reach that difficult childbirth. The first one could place it at the end of the 19th century, with the Dreyfus case, which mobilized opinion published French, polarized into two camps. Émile Zola played a decisive role, symbolized by his famous text “J’Accuse ‘. As they learned to see Zola and much of the French population, the Dreyfus affair was not only about spies, but about anti-Semitic and nationalistic sentiment which did the old continent. And it wasn’t the only one that would be marked by the affaire Dreyfus. Sent as a correspondent by the Viennese newspaper Neue Freie Press to cover the trial, journalist Theodor Herzl, of Jewish origin, was so shocked by the anti-Semitic feelings that woke up the process that at the end of this forgotten ideals of assimilation of the Jewish people from Europe, from then on the creation of a Jewish State outside the continent that host to all the sons of David. Political Zionism had just been born.


Lawrence of Arabia (1962), directed by David Lean

Military, archeologist, adventurer, poet and, ultimately, the involuntary traitor who convinced the Arabs from entering the First world war by the allied powers to deal with the Ottoman Empire. In return,Thomas Edward Lawrence, in the British and French Governments name, offered to the Arab tribes their support for the independence of a hypothetical Arab State without knowing that, as it was made public after the end of the race, behind the scenes traded Sykes-Picot agreements by which the territories of theMiddle East were divided between France and Great Britain in breach of promises that Lawrence had done to the Arabs.


Shoah (1985), directed by Claude Lanzmann

If anti-Semitic sentiment that witnessed the Herzl took this to the dream of the creation of a State of Israel, it was the Second World War and the Final solution which would give the final boost to that project’s Messianic dyes. “The year coming in Jerusalem”, was the departure of the Jews of the diaspora used since they were driven out by Adriano in the year 135. The greeting ceased to make sense on May 14, 1948.Before, the Jewish people had to suffer the loss of some six million of its members. Many have been films that have dealt with major or minor hit the theme of the Holocaust, but perhaps the most raw is this mammoth work of art of ten hours, where victims and executioners bear witness to one of the greatest atrocities against the man. The film, shot over ten years, lacks soundtrack and footage, focusing only on interviews and transcending the documentary genre which includes into the style of oral history in this way.


Exodus (1960), directed by Otto Preminger ( watch movies online – original version)

León Uris would be based on the events of the Exodus 1947, the steam taken up by the Haganah – paramilitary organization self-defense Jewish-to reach Palestine 4,500 surviving Jews from concentration camps nazis, to write the novel in which in turn Preminger film would be based. In both versions and different from the actual facts, the SS Exodus would the port of Palestine in time celebrate the birth of the State of Israel. The crisis of the boat was the straw that broke the camel to the General Assembly of the newly created United Nations, which on 29 November 1947 adopted resolution 181, putting date – 15 May 1948 – at the end of the British mandate on Palestine, dividing it in two States and leaving Bethlehem and Jerusalem under international administration. Checked many times and not without reason of Manichean and interested, exodus would lead to the big screen, with their differences, successes and errors, one of the milestones in the conflict.


21 hours over Munich (1976), directed by William A. Graham

Developments on the Arab-Israeli conflict have not always had Middle East as backdrop. Born in the refugee camps in Jordan, the Black September terrorist organization kidnapped during the Munich Olympics (1972) 11 members of the israeli Olympic team. After presenting their demands – the release of more than 200 prisoners, among which were the founders of the Baader/Meinhof – and the consequent refusal of the State of Israel to negotiate with terrorists, they ended up with the lives of the hostages, thus putting an end to the tense hours that narrate this telefilm that Franco Nero gives life to Issa , the head of the command that fell down in the failed operation of rescue along with four of his companions. Years afterSteven Spielberg would recover the event to roll the vibrant Munich (2005).


Kippur (2000)

Kippur (2000), directed by Amos Gitai

With a strong autobiographical component – Gitai was fighter in the Yom Kippur war-, the film chronicles the events of the considered last total war of the Arab-Israeli conflict. The date chosen by the coalition of Arab countries – 6 October, feast of Yom Kippur – gave name to a war whose goal was to recover the territories lost in the six-day war. The end came given by the UN, which gathered emergency established a high fire after which the parties would negotiate a peace agreement, forcing them to turn to adopt theresolution 242. This resolution established, on the one hand, the return to the Arab countries of the conquered territories during the six-day war and, on the other hand, recognition of the State of Israel. The 242 has been endorsed and established on several occasions as a basis for the negotiation of a peace which, today, has not yet come.


Waltz with Bashir (2010), directed by Ari Folman

Like Kippur, this is an autobiographical film, where the director tells firsthand the Sabra and Shatila massacre, which took place in Lebanon in 1982. After the death of the President of Lebanon and Maronite leader, Bashir Gemayel (hence the film’s title), the then-Commander of the defence forces of Israel, Ariel Sharon, prompted Lebanon Maronite militia units to take revenge fulfilled, entering the Sabra and Chatila Palestinian refugee camps, while the troops under his command were betting in the surrounding area. They not only omitted the aid to thousands of victims trapped there, but that Israeli troops facilitated the work of militias illuminated the area with flares. An act that would make Folman deep footprint which transmits with his film. The actions of Sharon would not prevent its rise, almost 20 years later, the post of Prime Minister of Israel.


Paradise Now (2005), directed by Hany Abu-Assad

Directed by the Dutch of Palestinian origin Abu-Assad, Paradise Now tells the hours before two terrorist before carrying out a suicide attack in Israel. A film not without controversy as as soon as its protagonists, far from arising as the evil beings that are often painted in the majority of the media, appear as involuntary character of the drama affecting Palestine, with a background and some doubts that make them dangerously more human.

11 books to understand the conflict between Israel and Palestine

BDS Palestine

BDS Palestine
Luz Gomez et al.

BDS Palestine. The boycott of Israeli occupation and apartheid , a book about the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against the policy of illegal occupation of territories and the apartheid of Palestinians carried out by Israeli state governments. A civic campaign global reach, like the one carried out against apartheid South Africa, aims to end the disastrous policies contrary to the fundamental human rights of successive Israeli governments, with the complicity of the great powers.


Palestine, the thread of memoryPalestine, the thread of memory
Teresa Aranguren

Palestine belongs to the Arabs in the same sense that England belongs to the English or France to the French … What is happening in Palestine today can not be justified by any moral code of any kind. If they have to consider geographical Palestine as their national home, it is incorrect to enter the country under the shadow of the British gun. a religious act can not be performed with the help of bayonets or bombs. they can settle in Palestine only by the goodwill Arab. in the current situation, are the partners of the British in despoiling a people who have done no wrong. I am not defending the Arab excesses. I wish they had chosen the path of non-violence in resisting -with what they consider justice as an unacceptable invasion of their country. But according to the accepted canons of what is right or wrong, you can not say anything against the Arab resistance against overwhelming odds “Mahatma Ghandi.

 The Alchemist 

Click to read The Alchemist PDF for free.




The invention of the Jewish people

The invention of the Jewish people
Shlomo Sand

All modern nation-state has a story of its origins, transmitted both by official and by the popular culture; Such national histories, however, few have been as scandalous and controversial as is the well-known national myth israelí.El story of the Jewish diaspora of the first century and the demand for a cultural and racial continuity of the Jewish people to this day today, they resonate beyond the borders of Israel. Despite its misuse to justify the settlement of Jews in Palestine and the project of Greater Israel, there has been very little academic research on the accuracy histórica.En this brave and passionate book, Shlomo Sand shows that the national myth of Israel has its origins in the nineteenth century, not in biblical times in which many Jews and non-Jews rebuilt a village historians imagined in order to shape a future nation. Sand dissects the meticulousness of a forensic official history and reveals the construction of nationalist myth and consequent collective mystification.


Olivo broken: Scenes occupationOlivo broken: Scenes occupation
Teresa Aranguren

The planting a bomb tragedy among a group of children playing football; the erection of a wall leads to destruction of an olive orchard that gave meaning to the lives of an entire family … These are some of the scenes that reflect the daily life of a people forced to live with death. Pride and humiliation, powerlessness and rebellion are mixed to offer a vivid portrait of the human condition.


The Holocaust IndustryThe Holocaust Industry. Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering
Norman Kinkelstein

The Holocaust industry, a vehement, iconoclastic and controversial book, is the complaint of aching voice that lifts the child of survivors against the exploitation of the suffering of Holocaust victims. In this seminal work, the eminent political scientist Norman G. Finkelstein exposes the thesis that the memory of the Holocaust did not begin to acquire the importance it enjoys today until after the Arab-Israeli war of 1967. The war demonstrated the military Israel and the United States got what considered an important ally in the Middle East. This new strategic situation of Israel served the leaders of the American Jewish community to exploit the Holocaust in order to promote their new privileged situation and to immunize Israeli policy against criticism. So, Finkelstein argues that one of the greatest dangers to the memory of the victims of Nazism comes precisely from those who set themselves up as their guardians. Based on a wealth of sources hitherto unstudied, Finkelstein discovered the double extortion to which the Jewish lobby groups have undergone Switzerland and Germany and the Jews Holocaust claimants legitimate complaint and compensation funds have not been used in mostly to help survivors of the Holocaust, but to keep running, “the Holocaust industry”. In this new edition, revised and expanded considerably, the author refutes the criticisms raised the first edition of the work. “I presented the first of 105 lawsuits against Swiss banks to seek compensation for the Holocaust. It is necessary that the truth be told about compensation funds. The major Jewish organizations have defrauded Holocaust survivors, many of whom They are living in poverty. But no one is interested in the documentation related to this scandal. ” Norman Finkelstein broke at last the silence.
I urge everyone to read this book on the true story of our suffering is told ” Gizella Weisshaus.
Finkelstein raises some uncomfortable questions relevant and ” The Jewish Quarterly.
leaving aside the question of style that is far ?? mine ??, the bottom line is most important here, especially since Finkelstein, when this book was published, I was all alone and needed a lot of academic courage to tell the truth when no one else out there supporting you , “Raul Hilberg.


The tribes of IsraelThe tribes of Israel
Ana Carbajosa

There are two ways to deal with a complex reality to understand and describe. One is difficult: examining the issue, measure it, learn its history and deduce its internal dynamics. The other is even more difficult, because is to break into reality, see it up close and battling with it from within. Books abound on Zionism, Israel and its history, about the Palestinian tragedy, over the endless Middle East conflict. Scarce, however, books on Israelis. We return to the beginning, to the difficulty of coming face to face with people and make the effort to understand them, especially when their ideas are not shared. After reading “The tribes of Israel” can not return to take refuge in the usual simplistic, for or against a country whose name evokes conflicts which, for convenience, is treated as a homogeneous block. Things are never simple, and less in the present case. Israel suffers tremendous internal tensions. They are the tensions of its people. No one can predict what the future of Israel. To develop minimally reasonable assumptions it is essential, however, to know how inside. And inside it is fascinating. I only regret that this book has not been published before. It would have been my first reading to settle in Jerusalem. Fragments of the prologue of Enric González.


The identity jailThe identity jail
Eugenio Garcia Gascón

Religious fundamentalism and political blindness have created a complex bomb in the Middle East. García Gascón mixture comments today with historical touches to create a puzzle that helps to understand the keys to the Arab-Israeli conflict.


The invention of the land of IsraelThe invention of the land of Israel
Shlomo Sand

In this new and controversial work, the Israeli historian Shlomo Sand examines the enigmatic sacred land which has become the lot where happens the longest national struggle of modernity dementando ancient legends surrounding the Holy Land and the prejudices that still suffocating.


The Jewish wrongThe Jewish wrong
Alberto Pradilla

The author of this book has combined research, journalistic rigor and personal experience to draw attention to one of the pillars of the Arab-Israeli conflict: the State of Israel itself. Chronic and interviews with some of the protagonists of the conflict bring us closer to the mentality and way of life of a colonial state, as well as with its neighbors, has a serious problem with himself. Left and right;ultra-Orthodoxy and secularism; pro-Palestinian movements and Jewish settlers complete an explosive mix that makes Israel a country that is defined as “Jewish and democratic” but actually is democratic for Jews and, above all, Jewish for the Palestinians.


The Ethnic Cleansing of PalestineThe ethnic cleansing of Palestine
Ilan Pappe

The Israelis called War of Independence of 1948. For the Palestinians is the Nakba (the “catastrophe”), since the result was one of the larger processes and dramatic ethnic cleansing of our time: about one million Palestinians were forced to emigrate at gunpoint, abandoned their land, their property and their homes; there were killings of civilians like Deir Yassin and hundreds of villages were deliberately destroyed. Despite its dramatic dimensions, Israelis have managed to hide this crime against humanity for many years. Ilan Pappe, a professor at the University of Haifa and the most prestigious international scale Israeli historians, forced to publish their works abroad and living in their country between death threats, revealed in this book, in the light of recently declassified documents the truth of a mass expulsion that continues today impossible to peace between Israelis and Palestinians and is the source of all the current problems of the Middle East.

Israelis invented a creative filter drain for kitchen and bath

This disposable filter for the drain of the kitchen and the bathroom offers striking designs and a “finger-lift” for easy removal. The Israelis created a slightly more fun way of doing a monotonous task.

The filter cleaning of drainage in the kitchen or bathroom is usually one of those disgusting tasks that nobody likes to do. For this reason, after a month of kitchen faucets reviews, a group of Israeli businessmen found a more fun and practical way to transform this task into something much more tolerable.

The company “Sink Skin” product is disposable after one or two weeks of use and comes in a variety of bright and elegant designs. The product can be printed so that companies or hotels can add your logo and use it as an element of promotion.

Made in Israel, it is available in North America, Finland and Israel, of course. In addition, it was one of the 24 different product lines that were sold at the opening of the emerging israeli design in Hong Kong store on 22 October.

The co-founder of the producer, Nir Eylon, told the ISRAEL21c that portal since felt is thinner and wider than most of the normal screen, more easily captures all the food particles and hair, so that they can not penetrate into the drain. In addition, it has a function of “lift finger” for easy removal.

The filter is recyclable and its container package is made of recycled materials to save on raw materials.


24 consecutive days of attacks. About 700 Palestinians killed and thirty dead Israeli soldiers. They are the figures of the last military action of Israel on Palestine that threatens to be placed and that has forced the United Nations and United States to react. A conflict that already more than 60 years to cause victims, which seems to have no signs of solution, and that the film has portrayed on numerous occasions, especially in recent years. Project Free Tv offers you a collection of 10 movies and series in order to let you know more about this war, you can watch series online or you can also download them.


Something like the story of Romeo and Juliet in the Gaza Strip, tells the story of a young man who must sort bullets almost every day to visit, on the other side of the wall, his beloved. The director of ‘Paradise Now’ repeated nomination Oscar for a film that is has applauded its realism without Manichaeism and its ability to portray without judging their characters.


Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette brings look foreign and international conflict, telling us the story of a nurse who works in a Palestinian refugee camp in the West Bank, and illustrating the obstacles that puts the israeli army to do their jobs.


A hopeful drama, perhaps somewhat naive, that speaks of the possibility of reconciliation between the new generations Palestinian-Israelis. After the immolation of a Palestinian terrorist in the neighborhood where he lives, a young woman write a letter to an imaginary Palestinian and Lance to the sea of Gaza.Surprisingly, days after it receives the response.


The film who represented Israel at the 2009 Oscars portrays life in Ajami, a neighborhood of the israeli city of Jaffa is a melting pot of cultures and where, not without tension, Arab, Jewish and Christian citizens. Two of its four parallel stories are featuring by Palestinians.


Starting from the anecdotal to speak of a global wound. It is the strategy of this film, the audience award at the Festival of Berlin, which tells the story of a Palestinian woman who the Government forces to cut down its field of lemons when the israeli Minister of Defense decides to build a house opposite.


Spielberg angry Zionist United States communities to portray the operation wrath of God, a revenge of Israel, through the Mossad, for the murder of the Palestinian command Black September of several Israeli athletes during the 1972 Munich Olympics. Accused the director of ‘Schindler’s list’ equate Palestinian terrorism with Israeli agents.


Nominated for the Oscar for the best film speaks no English, takes the complicated challenge of putting the viewer in the skin of two suicidal jihadists in the hours before an attack in Israel. With israeli co-production, it is perhaps the film which has been better able to portray the unreason of Islamic terrorism.


The Palestinian Elia Suleiman won the award jury of the Festival of Cannes with this strange and surreal black comedy that tells the story of love between a Palestinian resident in Jerusalem, and his beloved who lives in Ramallah.Compared the humor of Buster Keaton or Jacques Tati, its non-acceptance in 2002 to participate in the race for the Oscar for the best film speaks English (a mistake that was corrected the following year by the Academy), was not a strong controversy.


One of the most controversial films of Costa-Gavras (that is to say), and at the same time one of the least views. In the United States suffered a genuine persecution prior to its premiere that turned it into a film cursed and invisible.Accused of anti-Semitism, Costa-Gavras dared to humanize Palestinians at a time in that attack the State of Israel was totally prohibited.


This ABC telefilm could be the prequel to the Speilberg ‘Munich’, for it tells the kidnapping of eleven athletes of the israeli delegation at the JJ.OO. of Munich ‘ 72 by the Palestinian terrorist group Black September. The most curious, to see Franco Nero (the Django Sergio Corbucci) as a Palestinian terrorist.

Israel: a pregnant woman in serious condition after being stabbed in West Bank

The stab wound pregnant woman is taken to hospital

A pregnant Israeli woman was seriously injured after being stabbed by a Palestinian in the Jewish settlement of Tekoa, south of the occupied territory of the West Bank , the Israeli military said. The victim, in his thirties, suffered “serious injury” by stabbing in the upper part of his body, sources of medical service ultrasound nyc, who said he had been moved to Shaarey Tzedek hospital where she is being treated and is in moderate situation.


Israel, 30, was seriously injured, but his life is not in danger , according to the Israeli army and medics said. “The attacker entered the community, stabbed and wounded women. The terrorist suffered gunshots from security personnel the place, “the military said in a statement that the state does not require the attacker.


The Palestinian is seriously wounded and is being transferred to an Israeli hospital, Israeli medical sources, while the Palestinian Ministry of Health announced his death .
According to initial reports, the attack occurred at a clothing store in the industrial area of Tekoa .
After the incident, local forces carried out in different places of the area looking for possible accomplices of the aggressor.
The attack came hours after an Israeli woman, Dafna Meir, who lives in the settlement of Othniel (south of Hebron), 38, was killed in her house to death by a supposedly Palestinian attacker, who is being sought by forces Israeli security.

The Israeli domestic intelligence service, Shin Bet, arrested last night about three dozen Palestinians suspected of involvement in terrorist activities and violent disturbances .Hundreds of people joined Monday’s corpse Meir from Othniel to the cemetery in Givat Shaul, the outskirts of Jerusalem .

Israel and Palestine living since early October a wave of violence that has killed 161 Palestinians shot dead as they tried to carry out attacks or perceived attacks (the most stabbings or intentional violations) or in clashes with Israeli security forces. And it has claimed the lives of 27 Israelis, two foreign and one Palestinian victims of Palestinian attacks.

Miracle in Tel Aviv–a huge crane falls on the road after a historic storm

Israel is really a land of miracles. A good example of this is what happened yesterday in Tel Aviv. Residents witnessed a collapse of a crane near one of the busiest roads during a wind storm. Luckily, nobody was injured. A historical storm ravaged yesterday Israel. Flooded classrooms and homes without light in the coastal regions. Tel Aviv also experienced significant rainfall and strong winds, causing the crane fell in the middle of the road. Fortunately, no one was injured when the crane collapsed down.


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